Japanese matching system with 66,000 members

all members are vigorously screened

Pricing and Plans

All memberships are pending until approved following either an in person/virtual introduction meeting.

Applicants aged between 23 and 30 are eligible for a 30% discount, applied to the prices listed below.

Our payment system is simple, and includes an intial once off consulting fee of AUD1300 which is then followed by a monthly recurring fee of AUD150 until such time as a match is considered to have taken place.

You will need to supply supporting documents to verify and validate your application. Once approved, you can chose from two different ways of payment.

*The minimum age to join our service is 23.



  • This is your initial, once off Membership fee.
  • This fee includes your registration fee to become member to IBJ Japan (Largest Japan Marriage Consulting Federation business) platform.
  • Full profile creation fee in both English and Japanese.



  • Once you have paid your consulting fee, this allows for organizing and arrangement for Omiai (initial meeting) once you receive a match.
  • Unlimited opportunities to do Omiai without extra cost.
  • One on one on going support from the counselor.
Applicants aged 23 - 30 receive 30% discount

Future Partnership or Engagement Fee

Everyone at quantum matching desires the same goal:
genuine lifelong partnerships.

When you have found your partner and become engaged or in some cases - just the promise long term relationship from using our system, then you are considered as good as married in this serious dating business world.

When this occurs, then you are obligated to pay the Engagement Fee to Quantum Matching of AUD2600.

* Future partnership engagement fee: when two members become engaged, or promised marriage, or become de-facto or begin an unofficial engagement or engage in sexual penetrative intercourse, or leave for extended vacation, or continue a member to member relationship beyond 6 months from meeting another member of IBJ or Quantum Matching or any within the platform, or continue to be, or begin a relationship with a current or ex member within the system, Quantum Matching will charge a nominal fee for such activities and changes in relationship statuses.

A Revolution in Online Dating

With full personal consulting, Quantum Matching will help you find your perfect match with the help of our dedicated agents.

Photography Extras

Quality Photographs must be received within 6 months, as editorial photos are needed to maximise your chance to find your future partner.

If the photographs supplied are of a poor quality, then Quantum Matching will decline the use of these photos and they will not be uploaded to our platform.

A professional photography session is available for members who can travel to Byron Bay, Australia to do an editorial photo session. Pricing for these photo shoots are from $300 for 2 cuts (two different outfits).

Join an international community looking for lifelong love

100% accurate profiling, rigorous and secure screening including full legal background checks, financials and more.

What is Kekkon Sondanjo?

Since ancient times through to today, all Japanese communities have hired the services of expert multi-generational match makers called The Kekkon Sodanjo. These people are the professional cupids of Japan. The Kekkon Sodanjo agents use their complete knowledge of communities spanning across a number of towns and villages. They hand pick a number of potential suitors for a person, then organise one on one meetings called an Omiai, literally translating to “to look and see.” Not so long ago, the system produced a near 100% marriage rate.

This same system has been adapted and modernised as an online platform. There are about 66,000 members at any given time using this platform.

It with great joy that I introduce this brilliant platform to the international community to help you find your lifetime partner.

What is the difference between Quantum Matching’s dating agency and Common Online dating platforms?

Quantum Matching uses the most secure, exclusive and personalised professional match making system in the world. Absolutely no weirdos.

  • No other dating service provides a personal consultant and agent to connect you with your future partner. Until both parties are agree to meet, you don't need to approach directly, agents will organize how you meet, ie Zoom, messenger, LINE, set up Cafe or Restaurant Omiai (initial one on one meetings ) place, date and time. Until you meet the other party you do not even have text to each other - in fact, they are not allow to contact each other until then for the safety reasons. After initial meeting if you are not keen to the other party - you do not reveal your name, contact.
  • Most active members find their match within 3-6 months.
  • Our agent supports you throughout the entire journey with:
    • One on one communication
    • A personalised assisted profile in English and Japanese
    • Agent testimonial
    • Paid Access to any professional resource such as councilors, therapists, astrologers, make up artists etc.
  • 100% accurate profiling for all members using a rigorous and secure screening process. Includes full legal background checks, financial statements (for men) etc.
  • Confidential and safe: legally binding confidentiality between agents and members.