10 things to do in your 20s for better 30s

With today’s unpredictable times, it becomes even more important to have a forward-looking approach to life; and our 20s are the best time to build the foundation for a more fulfilling future. 

Many of us live with regrets about the things that we should have done and what could be. We live in fear and operate out of a risk-averse mentality. But when it comes to building the life of your dreams, it becomes important to be strategic, take risks, and do the difficult things. After all, fortune favours the brave.

In this article, we will not just talk about a bucket list of things to do in your 20s, but give you some solid advice on important things that help to create a solid ground for the future you dream of. 

Here are 10 things to do in your 20s for better 30s:

  1. Read more- Reading in your 20s and beyond can help build a habit of being open to learning. Reading news, books, and journals can help you become more open-minded and aware of the world and yourself. A daily reading habit translates to more success, wealth, and emotional intelligence. It’s a win-win.

  2. Prioritise your health- Whether you exercise every single day or go for walks twice a week, keep your body moving. Eat whole foods and build a taste for nutritious, easy meals and eat twice the vegetables you do right now. Take care of your skin by moisturising and wearing sunblock every day. Not only this, take care of your mental health and seek help when needed.

  3. Become more aware of the world- Being involved in politics and having an opinion does not make you uptight or weird. It means you speak for yourself and what you stand for. It makes you unapologetic and helps you align with the kind of people that would bring value. So, step up and get involved and aware. 

  4. Become more aware of yourself- Journal, meditate, connect with your subconscious mind, and truly learn about yourself. Becoming more aware of yourself not only helps you unleash your potential but also helps you become more mindful of your bad patterns and behaviours and helps you rectify and correct your course. 

  5. Try new hobbies, skills, and passions- Explore new ideas that come to your mind and pursue new hobbies that you want to try. Being risk-averse when it comes to trying new things in your 20s can lead to a lot of resentment of self later in life. Change career paths if it feels right, get classes and upskill, or simply do things for fun- but do it.

  6. Develop and cultivate good habits and skills- Your 20s are the perfect time to build foundational habits for life. Things like work ethic, cleanliness, negotiation and communication skills go a long way. Create a morning routine that supports good habits and skills to sustain. Consistently working on self-improvement compounds in the long run and the return is truly unmatched.

  7. Set financial goals and exceed them- If you haven’t already- set yourself some money goals. Start saving money like it’s the apocalypse tomorrow. Seriously. It is imperative to have personal financial goals not because it sounds cool, but because you never know what life has in store and there is literally no downside to feeling secure financially. Do it. 

  8. Socialise, network, date- Your roaring 20s are the best time to make lifelong friendships, cultivate healthy relationships, network with the right people, and date a lot. Even if you are introverted, make an effort to find your people. We are social beings and finding the right people for us can mean the difference between a rich life and one of chronic loneliness. Find your two people, sure. But ensure you don’t shut yourself to a million other beautiful social experiences.

  9. Travel and go on adventures- Life doesn’t end in your 20s, but they really are the perfect time for adventures. The sense of freedom we feel in our 20s is unlike any other. Spend money on experiences and get out there to see what the world looks like. Move cities, travel to new cultures, or just take a trip to the next town- do something to get yourself to feel present and alive

  10. Discover your core values and balance- Finally, find what you truly stand for. The foundation of your life can be anything. From philanthropy to adventure to fighting for inclusivity. Find your bigger motivation and what drives you. Then, identify values that you resonate with and uphold them in every aspect of your life. This is how you become solid, respected, and confident. 

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