The types of flings- Gen Z edition

There is nothing like young people exploring the world of dating. It’s the roaring 20s and the world of dating is exploding, and if you are in your early-mid twenties, chances are, you’re exploring what dating means to you. 

When we are young and trying to figure out our idea of relationships, love, and much more- we often start by exploring dating and what makes us the most comfortable, happy, and safe. In today’s time, there are different kinds of flings that people can try before they decide to look for something serious. A fling is a short, casual, and fun arrangement between two (or more!) people who are looking for something that does not require commitment and does not involve the seriousness of a relationship.

There is nothing inherently wrong with flings, as long as you communicate your intentions clearly and don’t lead other people on. If you and your new/potential partner are both on the same page about what you are looking for, nothing else matters- especially social judgement.

  1. The one-night-stand- This is the kind of fling where you meet someone for the first time, chat them up at a bar, buy a couple of drinks, and have a good time. These kinds of flings only last one night and people go their different ways the next day. This kind of a fling is with strangers and does not involve any expectations- just two people looking to have some physical fun one night and go their own way the next day. Even in one night stands, it is important to communicate your intention and clearly tell the person you are with that this is what you are looking for. 

  2. Exploring sexuality- These kinds of flings have become increasingly common with inclusivity and acceptance becoming a modus operandi today. Many people who were previously uncomfortable exploring their sexualities have now opened up beyond fear and denial to accept themselves and others even more. In cases like these, people who have just come out, even to themselves, try new things with new partners. It is extremely important to communicate and create safe spaces for everyone to communicate their needs and goals in flings like these. For example, if someone wants to explore a physical relationship with a same-sex partner, it is incredibly important to communicate that they are looking to explore and are unsure. Similarly, the experienced (or inexperienced) partner should also openly communicate what they are looking for and what might be off-limits.

  3. The short-lived fling- Mostly occurring during vacations, summer months, or over a brief period of time- these short flings last anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. Here, both partners have communicated that they enjoy each others company but would still like to keep things casual and short-lived. Friendliness and fun form the foundation of this fling. This short and sweet experience can help people understand what they are looking for in the long-term and what they are most comfortable with- without putting a gun to their head.

  4. The hookup- This one is slightly different from a short-lived fling and a long-term fling. A hookup has many definitions. Different people use the term to define different kinds of arrangements. Hookup is a term that defines a broad range of casual flings. Mostly, hookups is the term used for arrangements that are primarily sexual and lack emotional bonding and intimacy.

  5. The long-term fling- These kind of flings are free of emotions and emotional intimacy but last over a longer period of time. Usually based on a mutual understanding and a strong friendship with boundaries, these kind of flings are either on-and-off or a regular. Partners in an arrangement like this engage physically over a long period of time and have clear conversations about what they feel. Communication about feelings and other partners form an essential part of their arrangement. Many a time, these partners can develop emotional feelings for each other and can transition into dating casually or seriously. Eventually, transparency forms the foundation of a long-term fling. 

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